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Delicate Balance

Delicate Balance
Delicate Balance
Size Group:
9"x 12 to 24" x 30"
Actual Size:
9" x 17"

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"A Delicate Balance"

In "A Delicate Balance," the woman feels her lover's strong embrace as he wraps his powerful arms around her in a gesture of protective affection. His huge arms express the magnitude of his emotions and his wish to enfold her in his love. Because she loves him, she understands his desire and doesn't feel trapped or held back - she is secure in his arms.
Her tiny hand, clutching the frail blue rose, extends from his tight grasp. while he loves her deeply, he always will let her go if she wants. The freedom of her spirit - the love, life and hope in the rose - is the essence of her. There will always be space for them to grow as human beings separate from their union.
Yuroz' "A Delicate Balance" explores the nature of romantic love and how, at the same time, it defines two people individually from the security it brings; and unites them like kindred souls barely distinguishable from the other.

Edition size 49


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