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The Whisper

The Whisper
The Whisper
Size Group:
9"x 12 to 24" x 30"
Actual Size:
15" x 21"

"The Whisper "

After the passion comes the "Whisper". She has been open and vulnerable with him and he respects that trust by protecting her with his body as well as is emotion. His posture asserts his wide back and shoulders, thick musculature along the spine, hard thighs, and calves. In this moment, he is impenetrable and safe, yet tender enough to invite her gentle touch along the jaw. He whispers softly in her ear and she dips her head as if to accept a kiss on the cheek. As she turns, drawing our own eyes around them, she evokes the circle of romance, the hush before the next ecstasy, the roar of love before the next solemn whisper.

Edition Size 49

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