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Size Group:
9"x 12 to 24" x 30"
Actual Size:
10" x 22"


In Tranquility, a man and a woman rest in each other's arms. The woman stares out blissfully to the side, her head tilted against his strong shoulder, her hair cascading freely down. Her lover clasps her to him, his palm resting peacefully against the small of her back in a gesture that is both loving and protective. Their limbs are entwined , reflective of the unity and intimacy between them. The woman smiles knowingly, her mind drifting in a state of tranquility. Although her mind drifts, her body remains alert. Her legs are wrapped tightly around her lover, holding him close her and to her heart. It is her proximity to him that sustains her tranquility, and she is reluctant to release him, or the moment, too soon.

Edition size  49

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