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Ocean view

Ocean view
Ocean view
Size Group:
above 24" x 30" to 40" x 60"
Actual Size:
30" x 42"
Oil on Canvas

Yuroz creates a very special painting for the auction that enables the
Central Coast Wine Classic to raise additional funds for the local


Ocean View

Once upon a time in the early evening, in a hotel room in Avila Beach, a couple so full of love, sits by their window waiting for the sun to set. He serenades her with a melody that inspires the poetry that flows so easily from her pen, and together they create a song of love dedicated to that very moment. She now lays her book on the table for his pleasure later, and he gently lowers his guitar.  Like a perfect ballet, she lifts her rose as an offering, knowing he will water it.  Now, it is time for everything to disappear, except their physical bodies, and the spirits that will embrace as they are lifted by love.

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