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Love - The Bedroom Suite

Love - The Bedroom Suite
Love - The Bedroom Suite
Size Group:
9"x 12 to 24" x 30"
Actual Size:
9" x 12"

Serigraph on Paper . Edition size 150

"Taste My Wine" is the invitation these lovers have made to one another. The man is leaning in close and offering his pomegranate, brimming with the seeds of a future yet to be tasted. The woman can feel his presence, and the teasing and tempting will continue until he tastes the nectar of her soul. The faceless lovers represent emotions so deep and true they are beyond the senses. They have turned inside themselves as they experience one another on a plane of perfect communication. The wine bottle resting on the table will continue to feed, nurture, and forever refresh their love.

Price: $ 5,000 As a six image suite

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