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Lovers' Serenade

Lovers' Serenade
Lovers' Serenade
Size Group:
above 24" x 30" to 40" x 60"
Actual Size:
30" x 40"

Serigraph on Canvas . Edition size 150

Closing their eyes, this man and woman tilt their heads and listen to a “Lovers’ Serenade” all their own. He takes her under one arm, and she nestles against him. Now she is close enough to feel his instrument, the source of his strength and the expression of his creative spirit. He holds it to his chest with a jealous tenderness. She cradles it in her delicate touch. His soul is safe in her hands. As her fingers strum invisible chords, the music lifts, each note adding its own separate meaning. Love, like Cubist figures, changes every moment according to our perception.

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