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Limited Edition Wine Barrels

2009-05-18 03:22

Yuroz and The Central Coast Wine Classic have a long history together. It all started when Archie Mclaren walked into the Yuroz booth at an art show in Los Angeles.  Archie fell in love with the work, and opened the door for Yuroz to create the art for the cover of the catalog  for Central Coast Wine Classic. Archie's love for Yuroz' art and the reunion of old friends served as a strong base for them to start working together. barrel

The Central Coast Wine Classic is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year and Yuroz' has had the pleasure of being a part of the last 10 years. Every year Yuroz celebrates this event by donating an original oil painting, which has graced the cover of the catalog.barrel03 Along with several other artists, Yuroz' painting becomes part of the live auction which raises funds for local charities in the Central Coast of California.This year in addition to the painting, Yuroz painted a barrel which will also be part of this years auction.The barrel was a beautiful challenge for Yuroz.  "When you are working with a three dimensional object, there are different requirements you need to follow that are not necessary when you are creating a painting on a flat surface" says Yuroz.  "People are always inclined to touch the three dimensional objects, so you need to make sure it has the proper treatment to protect the artwork.  The preparation of the barrel is quite an interesting process. First, I leave the barrel outside under the sun for two days so it can dry. Once dry, I seal the barrel so no more moisture can get inside.  Next I stretch several layers of thin fabric on the sides, top, and the bottom of the barrel. After several sanding sessions and glazing, the barrel is ready to be painted. A great feature of working with a barrel, is it's  shape.Like the old Greek vases, I also tried to create a story around the side of the barrel.This way there is no front or a back. It creates one story wrapped around the barrel. Using part of the printed serigraph (available because we print 10 extra pieces at the beginning to replace the damaged ones) I create a collage which blends with the painted part of the barrel and makes the story even more colorful." berrel03

Because of the overwhelming response we received from our initial mailing, Stygian Publishing decided to publish a unique edition of nine barrels. Each one will be painted and numbered individually and considered as an original mixed media object of art. The imagery, subject matter, and color scheme will be very similar, but each barrel will be different and unique in its own way.  It is with great excitement that we share this with you, and look forward to hearing your responses.

Please contact the studio for more information on the availability and price of the barrel.

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