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Rock'N'Roll Marathon

2009-05-31 09:49

Title:        Malachi
Medium:  Acrylic on Panel
size:         48" x 60" unframed
Value:      $ 75,000

When the abilities of many human beings unite for a common is a powerful creation.  In "Malachi" which means "The Messenger of God" we find our future, filled with hope, for he doesn't understand sadness even though he knows pain.  He doesn't understand defeat, for he has already won.  The runners, are an extension of the child's dreams, they run for life! The musician holds on his shoulders more than the little messenger, but the responsibility to keep everyone from giving up. As you search the faces of the adults, you feel the urgency to fulfill their goals, and in the face of the child, you find the purity of one little soul and his ability to encourage us to try harder, run farther, and effect change.

“I have had the honor of creating a work of art each year for the Rock n Roll Marathon San Diego, since it began in 1998.  It has been an unbelievable experience for me and my family to become part of something so powerful in saving the lives of so many.  My paintings have always encompassed the struggle and the joy of everyone involved in the fight for a cure of Leukemia. I am proud of each painting and believe that they have had an impact on encouraging people to continue this journey .

This year, I create a painting that continues the story of this beautiful and meaningful event, but with my young honor patient.  His name is Malachi, and he is two years old. He is representative of all of the children we must continue to fight for .”

Stygian Publishing  encourages you to buy your $ 5 raffle ticket with the chance to win this painting. 100% of the proceeds from raffle tickets for this years painting and posters will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to continue to help raise funds for a cure. And through your purchase of a ticket you know that you are part of something very special. Stygian is proud to say that through the donation of  paintings, working with children, painting a car, and other related events, Yuroz was honored with The Society’s highest honor, “The Chairman’s Citation” 

“ Every year I come back here to not only give back to my community and the Country which gave me so much, but also to feel the great American spirit and energy that is created during this weekend. This is where all of us unite for a common goal, to help others who need our support. This is where we forget our differences, our ethnical backgrounds, political and religious beliefs, and just work hard and celebrate the success. Everyone brings something to the table with a strong commitment. From the organizers, the trainers, the volunteers, the runners, all of the supporters, the musicians and the city itself, this is a big celebration of unity and life. This is the way I want to see America.  It is an honor to be part of this event”

To date the Rock n Roll Marathon San Diego has raised $ 143 million dollars in just 12 years.  The total from these racing events total $ 196 million.  We are proud of what we do and appreciative of all you do to support us. Please check the links for further information and become part of this event. Yuroz personally will be at all the Rock N Roll events in San Diego.  If you wish to get a signed poster and become part of this exciting marathon, please visit the Fitness Expo at the San Diego Convention Center, or order your poster on line.  For all the information on the event, please go to  We hope to see you there.

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