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The "Mural of Human Rights" by Yuri Yuroz was displayed in Guatemala

2009-01-26 15:29


Yuri Yuroz Mural of Human Rights displayed in Guatemala

Mural of Human Rights by Yuri Yuroz

Guatemala City - The "Mural of Human Rights" by Yuri Yuroz was displayed in Guatemala.

The artist of Russian-Armenian origin Yuri Gregorian, or Yuri Yuroz, unveiled his work "the Mural of Human Rights Yuroz" at a special event held at the National Palace of Culture on November 7. With this event the artist started a tour that will take him around the world. Guatemala had the privilege to be the inauguration site of the world tour for this Russian-Armenian artist.

Yuroz is one of the most recognized and representative artists of today and his work is in major private and public collections. His work with high social content, has been exhibited around the world.

The Mural of Human Rights was commissioned by the Organization of the United Nations, to commemorate the 10 year campaign for the promotion of human rights around the world, started by the UN in 1995.

After a year of readings, sketches and search for ideas, Yuroz delivers a mural that is 9 meters long and 1.85 meters high, which consists of 6 panels, each of which tells a story and vision of Human Rights. The piece of cubist style will be on display at the Sixth Passage of the National Palace of Culture, for a period of two months.

"I thank all Guatemalans for the embrace of this program for human rights ... to all those wonderful people a big hug, to all who have supported us," said the artist Yuroz.

Dr. Rafael Espada, Vice President of Guatemala stated "I want to thank everyone for their presence tonight, but my special thanks go to Maestro Yuroz, for being in Guatemala for the second time. This time for his unique expression in art of the concept and emotions of human rights."

"I have great faith; I believe that this century is going to uphold what is the basic respect for life. The word human rights has at times been manipulated and even abused, I'm going to say beyond human rights, the right to life. Life is not just to respect the lives of human beings, it is the life of nature, to respect the environment, respect for the green of the mountains, respect to water, respect to heaven, respect for all what belongs to us all over the world, "said Vice President Rafael Espada.

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