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"The Harvest" Serigraph

2009-01-26 01:09






The Harvest tells the story of hard work, sacrifice, and rewards.  One man is hard at work in the wheat fields, while the other takes a moment to stop and enjoy the rewards offered to him through the harvest.

 A Man works with his hands and soul

Beads of sweat fall into the wind

Mixing with the aroma of the wheat field

Promising the gift of the harvest    

    Stygian Publishing is proud to announce the first serigraph of 2009 with the release of "The Harvest" in a small edition of only 150 numbered pieces and 25 artist proofs. We  encourage you to acuire this very unique piece as part of your private  Yuroz collection.

Almost every painting created by the artist has a connection to his or her life ; some more significant than others. Whatever the reason is, this becomes a part of the artist's diary, he uses as a way to communicate with us. The careful observer is able to connect the dots and go beyond the painting itself to become part of the human drama and feel what the man behind the artist felt and how he lived while he was creating ..
Yuroz, by nature, is very aware of his surroundings, and deeply in tune with the times in which we live . Many artists use their creative process for hiding from reality, for Yuroz, reality is in every fiber of his work . This is paramount to his creative life.In a recent conversation with Gregory Welteroth, a long time friend and art collector, Yuroz was commenting on the challenges we face today with the global recession and how important  art and the role of the artist has become in this new dimension. Greg started to talk about a great American artist , Thomas Hart Benton, whose paintings depicted the resilient spirit of the American people during the1930's depression. Yuroz, not having heard of Benton before , was immediately on the web searching while Greg was still on the phone. The connection was immediate. Yuroz was inspired by Benton's humanity , admiration of American life , its people, and the way Benton portrayed his admiration in every inch of his paintings.
Over the next months, Yuroz created many sketches and small studies of this new style. Benton's influence became very much a part of Yuroz next painting, The Harvest. In this painting Yuroz, like Benton, makes the working man the central subject of his work. He paints the man who relies on himself, on his hands and his hard work. Things are not easy, but the human spirit's desire to survive is strong. The Harvest tells the story of hard work, sacrifice, and rewards. One man is hard at work in the wheat fields, while the other takes a moment to stop and sharpen his
scythe . The woman next to him reminds him of the love she has for him, giving him the most powerful reason to go on, the reason to finish the Harvest.

Yuroz' hope is that this image will inspire us to continue to dream during these challenging times and find the reasons to go on without ever losing hope.



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