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2017-05-09 19:42

Jewelry for Your Home

Functional fine art you can touch

Home is our physical sanctuary and the belvedere of our assemblage art for self-expression. Unique artistic designs embellish our home like jewelry adorns us.
Two industry icons, Nancy Corzine in design and Yuroz in fine art jointly present Jewelry for Your Home Yuroz’s new line of handcrafted luxury furniture, offered in limited editions, signed and numbered by the artist. Combining the testament of artistry with timeless beauty,Jewelry for Your Home incorporates key designs inspired by Yuroz’s original compositions from his fine art collections. Coalesce the vivacity of Yuroz’s
Symbiosis Museum Collection and Pulse of the Roses Collection into your personal luxury living. 


For three decades, the fortitude of human conditions and celebration of the human spirit have been the recurring subject matters of Yuroz’s fine art expressions.   An architect by training, artist by calling and creator by passion, Yuroz, an internationally celebrated artist romances us with his visual poetry, his love for beauty, his uncompromising drive to present his work with artisan craftsmanship and a commitment to bring out the best quality of the most suiting medium by utilizing the latest technology.  These elements converge to form the life force behind his work, helping us appreciate the simple gifts of tender moments while respecting the strength and power of the human spirit.  His message empowers us to find light when darkness looms and helps us fill in the missing piece to complete the circle of love.

Charged by the joy of discovery and fueled by his untainted vigor to connect his viewers’ emotions with natural beauty, representation into design and functional art became the natural extension for this cubist master’s unyielding creative expressions.  The result is the birth of Yuroz’s functional art designs resulting in the creation of his fine art furniture line, Jewelry for the Home, offering signed luxury furniture in limited editions from Yuroz Exclusive Studios.

The thoughtful and deliberate adornment of our home is a form of assemblage art and self-expression.  It makes us happy and provides comfort while allowing our creativity and individualism to shine through our personal space.  “Through Jewelry for the Home, I hope to unfold a new poetry that fuses my artistic designs to embellish viewers’ luxury living environment, the same way jewelry adorns a person, allowing the coalescing of my expression into statements of their own.  Whether it is our own personal space within a home, the intimate space between a couple, the gathering space where families converge or other living space where we intimately welcome our guests, the energy we complement our home and work space with invariably sets the stage for the energy these relationships foster, and vice versa,”  remarked Yuroz. 

It seems only appropriate for Yuroz to kick off his functional art designs by fusing metal designs inspired by his Symbiosis Museum Fine Art Collection into time-proven handmade furniture designs, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between us, our living environment, in this case, our home or our work space, and nature.  Jewelry for the Home hopes to add vivacity to this symbiotic relationship.

“The creative and production process is addictive in many aspects.  I put my hand on a medium and there is this surge of creative energy, as if the medium is telling me how to bring its best properties to light.  Each time I apply acid to metal or when I apply the patinas, the magic begins as I watch them create their own marks, almost like there is another artist working with me in tandem.  Each work is a one of a kind original piece, much like watercolor on paper.  While it is simply impossible to make two metal plates look the same, the possibility is endless…”

“I have always considered a home to be the physical sanctuary of our most intimate relationships.  Adorning it with Jewelry for the Home likens gifting jewelry to our loved ones, complementing its beauty and accentuating its elegance, which in turn lifts our spirit and the spirit of all those who we share this sanctum with, day in, and day out.”

“Our creative mind is a gift from above.  For me, whether it is fine art or functional art, the starting point is the same.  In Jewelry for the Home, the message is articulated into a new speak as I explore new mediums which in turn fuel my creativity and further my expressions.”

Blue roses have been the staple symbol of Yuroz’s narrative paintings.  Pulse of the Roses is Yuroz’s original oil on canvas collection where the artist invites viewers to surrender to the vibration from the waves and dynamism of his paintings with contrasts in shades and light that creates dimensionality and movement.  Incorporating design images inspired by the Pulse of the Roses into Jewelry for the Home, Yuroz further exudes the elegance of this symbol of love and beauty through the luster of metal design and the functional nature of this 3-dimensional functional art form..



As we pass our fingers through the surface of Yuroz’s handcrafted metal designs, the nurture, love, care and respect the artist poured into this creative medium seep through every crevice and surface of these explicit handicrafts.  Collectors liken the experience as a stream of elegant pride running through their palm and their fingertips, putting them in a delightful state, meanwhile, awakening their senses to welcome more good things in life to come. 

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