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Los Angeles Art Show

2016-01-07 19:34

Yuroz returns to #LAArtShow2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on January 28 – 31, 2016.

The artist will be unveiling the fruits of the last decade of his exploration with new medium, new techniques and new tools to create new work that expresses his inner reflection on the human condition and connect with his viewers with added power. Not only did Yuroz’s famed “Eternity” sculpture receive a new luxurious finish, a 23K matte, gold-leaf finish, viewers will also see a sneak preview of a small selection of Yuroz’s upcoming museum collection, Symbiosis, and many more.

Connecting in person at these shows with the artist is one of the best ways to follow his creative path. Yuroz promises to keep your senses fresh, your feelings warm and your minds engaged.

Visit us at the LA Art Show Booth #1409 / 1508 or contact us for more details.

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