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Yuroz Note Book




"The Blue Rose Garden"


As always, everything starts from an idea, an inspiration - that magical sparkle which comes from the universe. Then the artist does the drawings and the sketches. I can’t compare this magical process with anything else in life. The best way to describe this magic, is to imagine watching your child develop, from the moment of the conception .The only difference here is that you have a control of your work. You can change the nose or eyes; you can make it [the subject] male or female… You are the creator and you are the god for that specific creation…




I have been painting almost all my life and never can get over the feeling of self-satisfaction when I finish a painting. This feeling of excitement becomes more magical when you actually have a chance to view the photographs of the painting in various unfinished steps. For these purposes I take several pictures of the unfinished painting in different stages.

Every school teaches you a certain formula for how to start the painting and how to finish. I go completely with feeling. If I am really exited about flowers and want to work on flowers then I will do that. I know it’s not a classic way to paint, but the important thing is for me to be exited about the work and keep that excitement. This way, you are doing what exactly you want to do.

My recent visit to Moscow gave ma an opportunity to see more of Russian Icons… the simplicity and perfect structure of their composition, the minimal color pallet combined with a gold background, just made the visual experience heavenly….

“The Blue Rose Garden” is a perfect example of the process I described above.